LG WashTower™ Single Unit Front Load 4.5 cu.ft. Washer & 7.2. cu.ft. Heat Pump Ventless Dryer

Meet LG's WashTower with ventless dryer. Your homeowner will save half the enery with every dryer load. Unlike other ventless dryers, this LG WashTower extracts moisture and recycles heated air for more energy-efficient drying and the ventless design gives you greater flexibility for installation options. Built-in sensor technology detects fabric texture and load size, and customizes wash motions for more advanced fabric care. The LG WashTower™ can also handle common household allergens that attach to your clothing. The Allergiene® wash cycle uses steam to remove up to 95%³ of common allergens such as dust, pet dander and pollen from your wardrobe.

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