TNAH 2024 Team

A Task Force team plays a pivotal role in crafting an innovative and energy-efficient show home. The synergy among team members, each bringing their unique skills and expertise, creates an environment where creative ideas flourish. The collaborative effort of designers, engineers, builders, and program managers is essential to integrate cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices seamlessly into the show home's design.

Achieving the goals of innovation and energy efficiency requires the team to integrate their combined efforts toward a shared vision. By leveraging their diverse skill sets, the team can implement novel architectural elements, eco-friendly materials, energy-saving systems and promotional techniques that set new standards for residential design and marketing. In the end, it's the Task Force team's commitment to collaboration and their drive to accomplish shared objectives that led to the creation of a truly exceptional show home, The New American Home 2024.


Name Job Title Email
Dan Coletti Principal
Tim Unick Project Manager
Nicole Maiers Assistant Project Manager
Jennie Marsh Interior Designer
Mark Schlacter Superintendent
Angel Leon-Zapata Asst. Superintendent


Name Job Title Email
Dennis Vang RLA/ASLA Owner

Green Build & Energy Consultant

Name Job Title Email
Drew Smith COO
Josh Kane Vice President

Task Force Chairman

Name Job Title Email
John Ted Mahoney III Owner


Name Job Title Email
Tucker Bernard Executive Director
Jamahl Gibbons IBS Show Homes Manager


Name Job Title Email
Jeff Bankert Executive Director
Darren DiPatri Manager, Productions
Catherine Allocco NBD

SGC Horizon LLC

Name Job Title Email
Tony Mancini Principal
Judy Brociek Director of Events
Bill Black Director of Sales
Rachelle Mathews Project Manager, Events

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