Crafting Excellence: The New American Home 2024 – Building a Show Home vs. a Typical Custom Home

At Sun West Custom Homes, we are honored to have been selected as the design-build team for The New American Home 2024 project. This prestigious opportunity has allowed us to showcase our expertise in a unique setting, unveiling a show home at the International Builders' Show (IBS) convention in Las Vegas. While we are no strangers to crafting luxury custom homes for discerning clients, we want to shed light on the differences between these two distinct building experiences. 

Scheduling Challenges: One of the biggest differences between constructing a luxury show home and a client-specific custom home is the timeline. The New American Home must adhere to a strict schedule to ensure completion in time for the IBS. To meet the convention schedule, the home must be fully completed and ready for magazine photography by numerous media companies. Every phase of construction, from design to final touches, operates under a tight timeframe. Conversely, a typical custom home's timeline is more flexible, allowing us to work closely with the client and adapt to their specific needs and preferences, sometimes extending the schedule past the agreed upon completion date. For reference, The New American Home’s build schedule is 10 months compared to a typical 18+ months for this size and caliber of home. 

Design Influence: The New American Home 2024, as a show home, features the latest developments in home design, construction, and amenities – creating a balance between innovative design and broad appeal. While our luxury custom homes often showcase the unique tastes and lifestyles of each individual client, a show home must cater to a broader audience. This entails incorporating trendy design elements and the latest technologies, while still infusing it with our signature style. In addition, as part of the TNAH program, the builder is responsible for ensuring compliance with the National Green Building Standard, striving to achieve its highest level of Emerald status. 

Supplier Input: Building a luxury custom home typically involves the client's active input when selecting materials, finishes, and fixtures. In contrast, for a show home, we engage with suppliers who can provide cutting-edge products that align with the project's vision and IBS standards. Their expertise and innovative solutions play a pivotal role in the show home's success. 

Subcontractor Engagement: Our relationships with subcontractors in both scenarios are crucial. While in custom homes, we have the flexibility to work with our trusted trade partners, show homes may require us to collaborate with contractors and/or suppliers who have experience meeting the high standards set by the IBS and industry regulations. Because of the introduction of new products, technologies, and techniques – there may be occasional challenges. Fortunately, the National Association of Home Builders comprises a Task Force team for the TNAH program, dedicated to overseeing the design and product selection, with the goal of showcasing products introducing breakthroughs in construction techniques, energy efficiencies, scientific advances, and new design concepts. 

Logistics and Attention to Detail: Logistics management becomes even more critical when constructing a show home for an event like the IBS. Every detail must be meticulously planned and executed to ensure the project's success. The convention draws over 100,000 housing 

industry professionals and thousands of attendees looking to tour the home. It is also promoted to the general-public through social media and a dedicated website, gaining exposure throughout the United States and internationally. Luxury custom homes, while also requiring attention to detail, allow for greater adaptability during construction and with less exposure However, both types of homes require dedicated attentiveness and organization to ensure the efficient completion of the project. 

In conclusion, The New American Home 2024 project has provided Sun West Custom Homes with a unique opportunity to showcase our expertise in designing and building a one-of-a-kind home on a grand stage for a national audience. While the differences between building a show home and a luxury custom home are evident, our commitment to quality, innovation, and craftsmanship remains unwavering. We are proud to demonstrate our ability to harmonize these distinctions, creating a stunning show home that captures the essence of American living while upholding the highest standards of luxury and innovation. We look forward to sharing our creation at the IBS convention and continuing to craft exceptional custom homes for our clients.

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