The New American Home features a Crestron Home system designed to support the full spectrum of home automation products and solutions, ensuring unparalleled performance and reliability.

Motorized Shades 
The motorized shades provide subtle enhancements to the home’s overall ambiance. Crestron motorized shades feature exclusive Digital Quiet Motor Technology (QMT™) for virtually silent operation. 

Touch Screens 
Touch screens throughout the home feature agile processors, native Sonos integration, optional cameras and microphones, backlit capacitive buttons, ambient light sensors and secure mounting options. 

Digital Media and Audio
The next step in creating the perfect ambiance at The New American Home is the ability to hear music throughout each room. Ceiling speakers can be found on each floor, which connect directly to the rack in the AV closet. Any of the touch screens throughout the home can change the music or audio playing. The user has the ability to customize settings and enable changes throughout the home or in a specific room.

In addition to audio, the digital media experience in this home is unparalleled through the high definition LG OLED ThinQ televisions, linked directly to the integrated automation system. All the TV’s are enabled from the technology in the AV closet, which allows one to connect to their favorite digital streaming service or analog AV systems like cable or satellite. By having all the major connections in the in a concealed space, it eliminates the need for cables throughout the home leaving a sleek, clean space to enhance your entertainment experiences.

Reference Audio System
Crestron reference speakers and streaming audio system is precision-engineered for optimal listening experiences in every room throughout the home. The Crestron Home system helps to amplify and adjust the sound quality throughout the home through mobile devices and other remote capabilities. 

Lighting Solutions
Eaton’s broad selection of wi-fi smart devices which offer reliability with unbeatable ease of setup. Every device sets up quickly and easily with the free Amazon Alexa App–no hubs or controllers are necessary.  Voice-control is also available with the Wi-Fi smart voice dimmer with Alexa built-in, or by using any other device featuring Alexa built-in technology.